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2010/2011 Product Catalog
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18300Disposable Isolation GownsMedical Disposables
18304Disposable Isolation Gowns (XL)Medical Disposables
18400Plastic ApronMedical Disposables
22842Examination Gown Regular (Blue, 28x42)Medical Disposables
31500Plastic Gowns with thumb loopMedical Disposables
45930110BDisposable CapesMedical Disposables
55595Tyvak Coverall with Elastic WristMedical Disposables
811Examination Gown RegularMedical Disposables
813Examination Gown Regular (Blue)Medical Disposables
911Disposable CapesMedical Disposables
PCSBReusable gownsMedical Disposables
SM140099Surgeon's capMedical Disposables

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